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Periodontist Implantologist

Dr Hennie van Jaardsveld

GDC: 77359 • BChD University of Pretoria 1979

Dr. Hennie van Jaarsveld is a distinguished dentist with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of dentistry. Graduating from Pretoria University in 1979, Dr. van Jaarsveld embarked on a remarkable journey in the world of oral health care. He furthered his education by obtaining a Masters degree in Periodontics and Oral Medicine from the same university, achieving distinction for his outstanding academic performance.

With a passion for excellence, Dr. van Jaarsveld honed his skills through years of dedicated practice in both private and academic settings. He spent considerable time in Arcadia, Pretoria, where he established a thriving private practice while also contributing part-time to the post-graduate department of Periodontics at the University of Pretoria. His commitment to the advancement of dentistry is underscored by his role as an external examiner at esteemed institutions such as Wits University in Johannesburg and Pretoria University, where he evaluated and mentored future dental professionals.

In addition to his academic and clinical pursuits, Dr. van Jaarsveld has been actively involved in various professional endeavours. He served as the Chairman of the board of directors for Kilnerpark Day Clinic in Pretoria for nearly two decades, demonstrating his leadership and administrative acumen. Moreover, his dedication to continual learning and professional development is evident in his participation in numerous bone grafting courses and his completion of the original Branemark surgical course in implantology at Sheffield University in 1987.

Since 2003, Dr. van Jaarsveld has been making significant contributions to the dental community in the UK. He transitioned to full-time practice in 2007 and is registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) as a Specialist in Periodontics. Dr. van Jaarsveld’s expertise extends to various aspects of dentistry, including periodontal treatment, bone grafting, and implantology. His proficiency in handling implant complications and his extensive experience with different implant systems make him a trusted and sought-after professional in the field. Committed to providing exceptional patient care, Dr. van Jaarsveld approaches each case with precision, compassion, and a dedication to achieving optimal oral health outcomes.