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White Fillings in Milton Keynes

Welcome to Brooklands Dental Clinic, where we introduce our advanced white fillings – a modern, tooth-coloured alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. Crafted for both durability and aesthetics, these fillings seamlessly restore tooth structure while maintaining a natural appearance. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal at Brooklands Dental Clinic.

Restore Decay and Keep Your Beautiful, White Smile

You may need a filling if you have a cavity or tooth decay. Cavities will occur if you do not brush and floss your teeth regularly. It is important to have cavities repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage and save the tooth.

Transformative Smiles: Crafting Beauty and Functionality

As time passes, amalgam, or silver fillings can make the surrounding tooth appear grey. Old, ugly or worn-out fillings are replaced by modern, tooth coloured filling materials, which give a high aesthetic result. Virtually invisible, cosmetic white fillings will make your teeth appear as white and bright as before.

The restorations are bonded to the tooth meaning the joins are sealed, which prevents further decay of the surrounding tooth structure. They look and feel very natural and can be colour-matched to the surrounding tooth, making them appear almost invisible.

As well as white fillings, we also provide all types of filling material at our clinic – porcelain inlays and onlays and more. Your Dentist will talk about your options with you before treatment begins.

For more information on cosmetic fillings, please contact Brooklands Dental Clinic, Broughton, Milton Keynes, UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do white fillings differ from traditional silver amalgam fillings?

White fillings differ from traditional silver amalgam fillings in composition and appearance. While amalgam fillings contain a mixture of metals, including silver, mercury, tin, and copper, white fillings are made of composite resin that matches the colour of the natural teeth, providing a more aesthetically pleasing option.

Are white dental fillings suitable for all types of cavities?

White dental fillings are suitable for many types of cavities, particularly those in visible areas where appearance is a concern. They work well for small to medium-sized cavities and are effective in repairing decayed or damaged teeth.

Can I get white fillings on NHS?

Access to white fillings on the NHS is limited, and the availability of cosmetic dental procedures is generally restricted. The NHS primarily focuses on providing essential and medically necessary dental treatments. White fillings are considered a cosmetic option, addressing aesthetic concerns rather than urgent oral health needs. As a result, individuals seeking white fillings for cosmetic purposes may need to explore private dental services for this specific treatment.

Do white fillings contain any harmful materials?

White dental fillings do not contain mercury, a component present in traditional amalgam fillings. The materials used in white fillings, such as composite resin, are considered safe for dental use.

How long do white dental fillings last?

The lifespan of white dental fillings varies depending on factors like oral hygiene, bite forces, and the size of the filling. On average, they can last for 7-10 years or longer with proper care.

Is the procedure for white fillings more time-consuming than amalgam fillings?

The procedure for white fillings may take a bit longer than that for amalgam fillings because the tooth-coloured material needs to be carefully applied and cured layer by layer. However, advancements in technology have streamlined the process, making it more efficient.

Do white fillings require special care or maintenance?

While white fillings don’t require special care, maintaining good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups, helps extend their lifespan.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with white dental fillings?

White dental fillings are generally considered safe, with minimal risks. However, some individuals may experience mild tooth sensitivity after the procedure. Allergic reactions are rare, as the materials used are well-tolerated by most people.

Can white fillings be used to replace old amalgam fillings?

Yes, white fillings can be used to replace old amalgam fillings, offering a more aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable option for individuals looking to upgrade their dental restorations.

Do white fillings match the natural colour of teeth?

Yes, one of the primary advantages of white fillings is that they closely match the natural colour of teeth, providing a seamless and natural appearance.

Are white dental fillings suitable for children?

White dental fillings are suitable for children, offering a safe and aesthetically pleasing option for repairing cavities in both primary and permanent teeth.

How is the process of getting white dental fillings different from other types?

The process of getting white dental fillings involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth, preparing the cavity, and carefully applying the tooth-coloured composite resin. The material is then shaped and polished to achieve the desired result, providing a more natural appearance compared to other filling materials.

Can white fillings be used for large cavities?

White fillings are suitable for small to medium-sized cavities. In some cases, for larger cavities or teeth with extensive damage, alternative restorative options such as crowns or inlays/onlays may be recommended.

Do white fillings cause tooth sensitivity?

While some individuals may experience mild tooth sensitivity after getting white fillings, it is usually temporary. The sensitivity can be managed with desensitising toothpaste, and it typically resolves on its own.

Can I chew gum or eat sticky foods with white fillings?

White fillings are durable, but it’s advisable to avoid excessively hard or sticky foods to prevent potential damage. Maintaining a balanced diet and good oral hygiene contributes to the longevity of white fillings.

What is the expected recovery time after getting white dental fillings?

There is minimal recovery time after getting white dental fillings. Patients can resume normal activities, including eating and drinking, shortly after the procedure. Any post-treatment discomfort is usually mild and temporary.

Can white fillings be used for back molars?

White fillings can be used for back molars, although the choice may depend on the size of the cavity and the specific needs of the patient. They offer a discreet and functional option for restoring molars.

Can I get white fillings if I have allergies to certain materials?

White fillings are generally well-tolerated, and allergic reactions are rare. However, individuals with specific material allergies should discuss their concerns with the dentist to ensure the chosen filling material is suitable.

Do white dental fillings stain over time?

While white fillings are resistant to staining, they may discolour slightly over time due to factors like diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings can help maintain their appearance.

Can white fillings be replaced if needed?

Yes, white fillings can be replaced if necessary. Over time, they may wear down or become discoloured, and replacement may be recommended for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

What is the procedure for removing and replacing old white fillings?

The procedure for removing and replacing old white fillings involves carefully removing the existing filling, addressing any decay or damage, and applying a new filling. The process ensures that the tooth remains healthy and functional.

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White Fillings in Milton Keynes at Brooklands Dental Clinic

Why Choose Us for White Fillings in Milton Keynes?

Choose Brooklands Dental Clinic in Milton Keynes for your white fillings and experience a blend of quality and affordability. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care, and we take pride in offering transparent pricing – with white fillings starting from just £83. We understand the importance of a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile, and our commitment to accessible dental solutions ensures that you can achieve optimal oral health without breaking the bank. Trust Brooklands Dental Clinic for expert care and cost-effective white filling options. Book your appointment today and discover the difference of quality dental services at an affordable price.

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spencer triggs
Very professional dentist, highly recommend if you are an anxious patient.
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Dave Miller
Very helpful
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Fi B
Had my first hygienist appointment with Sarah yesterday. She deserves the rating, my teeth look and feel clean and smooth. Sarah was gentle and thorough, hugely important to those of us with a fear of the invasiveness of dentistry. Next appointment booked!
Kirstie Morris
Kirstie Morris
I haven’t been to the dentist in over 10 years due to a very bad experience. My mother In law recommended Brooklands dental and I’m so pleased I listened to her. My teeth are in an awful state, I had a lot of tears leading up to my appointment and I cried in there too but Kirsty the receptionist was very reassuring, so kind and checked I was ok whilst I waited. Ana was amazing, she could see I was nervous but kept me calm, explained throughout what she was doing, put a dental plan in place with no pressure to commit to it. She didn’t judge the state of my teeth and was just so lovely and reassuring. I feel very confident that she is going to help me get my teeth and gums back on track so thank you so so much for your help and understanding
Christine Morris
Christine Morris
I have been going to Brooklands dental clinic for a number of years. Before going here I hadn't been to a dentist in over 20 years as I was petrified of dentists. However circumstances forced me to go. They were brilliant with me, kind, gentle and understanding. All the staff were fantastic. I have now been going for a long time and had lots of different treatments and I am finally over my fear. I highly recommend this practice for its kindness, efficiency and skill.
Great service and friendly staff, especially for someone who suffers from white coat syndrome.
I’ve been so happy with dental treatment & hygienist at Brooklands. I’m in my 60’s so have various issues but Brooklands keep my teeth & gums as healthy as possible . Would highly recommend
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Angela MacGuinness
Have known Vynand my dentist for over 20 years and he is a brilliant dentist. He listens to you. He puts you at ease. He explains what treatment you need if any.
Adam Powell
Adam Powell
Diligent, friendly and very clear advice. Good work when needed.

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